Evie Lynn, 27, Miami Native living in Los Angeles.

Artist. Free Spirit. Rule-Breaker. Dream Chaser. 

I’m a tiny little girl with big dreams & an even bigger heart. I’m a free spirit with a wild imagination who lives life out loud with stars in her eyes, dreams in her heart, and a camera in her hand. I dream in color, I speak in pictures, I make up my own rules. My imagination knows no limits.   

I am not your typical photographer. I don't "take pictures." I make dreams come to life in front of my lens, and then capture and immortalize them, and set them free for the world to see. It is my hope that the outcome will irrevocably change your life. ✚


She is a walking contradiction. A flower child living inside of a city girl. She dons a sassy strut and a vintage soul. Shy on the inside, charismatic on the outside, she lives for the freedom of the open field yet is energized by the city lights. She is a firework and she is a firefly: Fun to chase, hard to catch, and almost impossible to hold on to. 

She is wildflower dreams and she is cigarette smoke. She is organized chaos, a beautiful mess. One part perfectionist and one part hopelessly flawed. She is light enshrouded by darkness. She sees beauty in destruction. A cynical romantic, she is the laughter that covers up bitter sadness, and the tape over broken wounds. She isn't sensitive, but she takes words to heart. She is dependable and yet utterly unpredictable. Careful and calculating, yet spontaneous and impulsive. Constantly changing but never quite satisfied. 

She has her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds. Her imagination has a tendency to wander. Ignorance is not her bliss. She is smart, steadfast, and headstrong, but blaringly vulnerable. Emotional yet logical. Hard and soft, open and closed. Purposefully reckless, religiously unreligious. 

She is ring-around-the-rosie. She is cross-my heart-and-hope-to-die. She is youth in revolt. She plays by her own rules and is a rebel at heart. A lover, and a fighter. She is skinny dipping and dancing in the rain. She is a peaceful sunset on the edge of a cliff. She is losing your virginity. She is taking a risk and getting caught but knowing it was worth it. She is the innocence of youth with a thrill for the taboo.

She looks like passion, smells like daydreams, sounds like freedom, and tastes like sex. She feels like puppy love and being on your toes. She will take you to the edge but keep you from falling. She will make your toes curl and cringe with excitement. She is hot pink lipstick and heart shaped glasses; she is insecurity slathered in confidence. She plays all day and works all night. She lives a bedazzled version of a raw reality. She loves pushing her limits, exploring minds, and discovering new territory. She believes that there is hope yet for humanity. She wants a revolution. She will provoke you with her thoughts. She is an unexpected bit of brash honesty: refreshing and a little bit uncomfortable. She is a heartbreaker who lives to love. 

You never see her coming, and yet she always leaves a mark. She is a guilty pleasure, a hopeless addiction, a mysterious adventure. She is unrelentingly herself. She will change your world without your permission. She is a little bit of everything all at once. She is bold, she is different, she is anything but ordinary. 


She is Evie Lynn.