"Illuminated" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print

"Illuminated" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print

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This is a limited edition of 50 prints.

Every giclee print is signed, numbered, and titled by Evie Lynn, the artist.

Each photo is printed on fine art matte paper using all eco friendly materials.  These stunning prints features a beautiful torn edge cut to enhance the natural beauty of these images.


About the photo:
Title: "Illuminated"
Originally Created: 2012

il·lu·mi·nate  (-lm-nt)
v. il·lu·mi·nat·ed, il·lu·mi·nat·ing, il·lu·mi·nates
1. To provide or brighten with light.
2. To decorate or hang with lights.
3. To make understandable; clarify.
4. To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand.
5. To endow with fame or splendor; celebrate.
6. To adorn with ornamental designs, miniatures, or lettering in brilliant colors or precious metals.
7. To expose to or reveal by radiation.
1. To become lighted; glow.
2. To provide intellectual or spiritual enlightenment and understanding.
3. To be exposed to or revealed by radiation.
n. (-nt)
One who has or professes to have an unusual degree of enlightenment.

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